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Post art here!
on December 16th 2009

Its a holiday art contest! Make sure you read the rules before posting!

Our Flickr Page

on February 19th 2010

The contest finished and Sirea was the only one to post but she already had the software so we gave her a pat on the back. ;-)

on March 18th 2010

Im changing the topic name and pinning it so people who browse these forums know where to find it. Post what kind of art you want to see made here!

on September 20th 2010

Well the Summer contest ended and NOBODY participated. I am very disappointed.

on September 22nd 2010

How about this, make 5 high quality images and we'll think about giving you a license for RealWorld Photos.

on December 9th 2010

I think the cursor editor should be shared more. Try to contact friends on the web, tell them about the website. It finally gives you an oppurtunity to do what you REALLY want with your cursor. So instead of searching the net for cursors and not finding what you want, why not make what you want yourself? 10/10.

on December 9th 2010

Mhh, I dont know about anything about 5 good pictures...

Only bad ideas

on October 24th 2011

Is this area just for cursors because I do drawings.

on May 7th 2013

Guys everyone check out the cursors i just made they crack and then stuff comes out of them then *BOOM* It explodes. It is really cool here is link :
on December 24th 2013

its good

on August 22nd 2017

I paint very well. I want to make big pictureboards from a small picture. Who can tell me how to do it?

MR. sean
on June 10th 2020


on July 10th 2020

wow is good

on August 6th 2020

its nice

on February 27th 2023

This forum topic is dead
very dead

on April 7th

man its hard to even believe websites like these exist nowadays

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