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Suggestions for the site

on October 31st 2010

Hello! I created this thread to post suggestions for Vlasta to see for his site.

I was thinking it would be really nice if we could upload more than one cursor at a time. Maybe you could think about making that possible?


on November 3rd 2010

And since there are both icons and cursors, maybe it could be made that we could feature both an icon set AND a cursor set on our profiles rather than just one.

on November 3rd 2010

It may one day be possible to upload a set at once, but not in the near future. It is not that easy and there are more pressing issues, like the help section of the web site, user profiles, etc.

The featured art was an experiment... I'll think about it when changing user profiles.

on November 3rd 2010

I know I'm putting a lot out here, but they're just ideas anyways, not "musts", but maybe it could be made possible to upload a profile picture as well. I do like the featured art. It is a way to sort of advertise your newest or most favorite set that you have created.

That's another idea. Advertising. Maybe a sidebar could be put on the site that displays random cursor/icons and sets from the site. Just to sort of draw attention to lesser seen creations.

on November 3rd 2010

OK, I understand :-).

Profile photos are near the top of the priority list. Improvement of the "Related sets" is also on the list.

on November 26th 2010

It would be nice too, if the user list could be sorted alphabetically by name. Sometimes I am trying to find a specific name and cannot find it quickly. Alphabetical organization would help with that.

on November 27th 2010

And maybe the home page could be made to show the top 5 highest rated/most downloaded cursors and icons sets or something.

Let me know if these ideas bother you, they just keep coming, and I see that I'm the only one posting stuff here...

on November 27th 2010

Keep them coming. But don't expect that all of them will be implemented soon. Time is a limited resource ;-) and I have to work on the software too.

on December 24th 2010

I noticed that there is not a way to delete a cursor set. You cannot remove all the cursors from it since a set has to have at least three in it and there is no button to delete a set. If such a button were made though, it should probably perform an action more like "empty the set and remove it," rather than "delete the set entirely." This way, the cursors can be kept and placed in other sets if desired rather than being deleted as a set in whole.

on January 2nd 2011

Time zone adjustment would be nice. I'm guessing that this site is in Russia from all the russian names. I live in the U.S. and I noticed that my "Last visit" is on a day that hasn't happened yet, and I was able to use my workshop fireworks a day early. Minor detail, but it would make time related things around the site flow a little more smoothly.

on January 2nd 2011

It is true that cursor sets cannot be deleted at this moment, but I am considering allowing it to trusted users. The reasons to not allow it were security and stability. Having stable urls is good for Google and not allowing destructive actions is good when the site is not top-notch secure (no https here).

I hope to improve the user profiles during this year and I am considering allowing users to specify time zone, age, gender and pick location on a map if they would wish. Since users are from different locations, I had to use the earliest time possible for the fireworks.

And no, the site is not in Russia, it is in Czech Republic, an European country that shares borders with Poland, Germany, Austria and Slovakia.

on January 3rd 2011

Ah, I see. Oops, sorry, now you know about my awesome geography/language identification skills... I look at japanese letters and say "Chinese!" too...

URLs, never thought about that before. Good point. Perhaps instead of word-URLs a number could be used to identify a set. (Example: instead of If a set is deleted, the URL could just point to the creator's profile instead of the now-missing cursor/icon set. (The numbers being used to lower confusion on why "umbrella_cursors" points to a profile instead of a set.)

But I'm not an expert on how URLs work as far as in that manner, so maybe that wouldn't work great.

2 replies were left out.

on January 6th 2011

About the previews... similarly as with the smilies, it is possible to show other images from the web via with

on January 18th 2011

Sometimes when I update an icon set, I'd like to refresh the thumbnail...
Perhaps that is another future possibility.

Oh wait. It seems it already does... nevermind...

on April 6th 2011

I had an idea for tags that could make the process easier perhaps.

What if instead of the standard comment box on the tag page, users were presented instead with a much smaller box that could only hold a maximum of say 10 letters or so? They would insert their tag request. Users would not be able to add the same tag for request twice. The website would keep track of the requests and if it noticed that a particular tag was getting a lot of requests, it would add it automatically.

This would help prevent off-topic posts there as well as make the overall process easier IMO.

A list of the tags in the request line could be added as well so that people could vote up, or down tags as well without even having to write it themselves. A vote would count the same as a regular submission. Only one vote would be able to be used and the user could not submit that tag themselves if they voted for it.

on April 15th 2011

I think we should get a "Web apps" tab on the site too now that you have several of them.

on August 20th 2011

The tooltip that appears when you hover over the "people" tab says "...see who it online" instead of who is on line.

on January 10th 2013

I had a few idea. Click Here to see them.


on February 14th 2013

It would be nice if when deleting more than one cursor you could do all at once instead one by one, like we do in file explorer, using shift.

on February 15th 2013

It would be nice too being able to see what the person has posted in the cursor junkyard at their profile pages.
Sometimes you like the art of a certain artist and want to see what else they uploaded.

This suggestion was originally given by another user in the General chat forum.

on February 17th 2013

I would like to nominate myself for the list of users with ability to delete their content. I will assume responsibility for any content that I may loose as a result of my actions.

I also would like to see the ability to delete the sent messages, not just those you receive. My inbox is getting rather full and there are many messages I do not need to have a record of in it at present.

on February 18th 2013

You can now delete the messages you have sent, but be aware that deleting them in your inbox also deletes them in the receiver inbox. I should eventually change this so that both parties can delete items in the mail box without affecting each other.

on February 26th 2013

Not being able to delete a zip file is really inconvinient and wrong once the content is yours. One shouldn't have to ask for a special permission.

on March 3rd 2013

So I just deleted my received messages (their sent messages) in a bunch of sender's inboxes!

You all are so welcome!

I wish you would do the same for me!! LOL
Quit hoarding pm messages!

I go now to delete the messages from Vlasta and clean up his inbox some..
doubt it will help though, can you imagine his inbox since 2006... OMG!!

Odd setting, actually works like 'delete it from the website'...LOL.
Odd but definitely not too funny, how about letting us have control over what is in our inboxes alone, not having it tied to the sender's inbox.

This has got to be the oddest setup I have seen in a while..
I understand totally the need for security online.. but....

suggestion to loosen the settings somewhat Vlasta..

  • you could ask for an additional different password before deletion.
  • there could be a 'lock account' setting that would enable us to lock content and require an additional different password to unlock content.
  • there could be an automated email with a required link to (double check) verify that the content actually was deleted by the user.

There has to be a way, people want more control over their own space in RW Graphics.

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