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Step and Repeat Functions

on November 20th 2010

Looking to do some backgrounds and can't seem to find a simple automatic way to do a step and repeat of an image for a large background.

For example I have a 100x100 image and want to make it fit a canvas of 1200x1000 without pasting and aligning manually.

Thanks and an RealWorld Paint is awesome!


on November 20th 2010

In that case, the fastest way would be by using the rsrc/floodfill-tool.png image Flood-fill tool (or the just the fill tool) while the rsrc/pattern-fill.png image Pattern fill style is active and set to custom pattern -> your image.

on December 7th 2010

Thanks, I was thinking it should be able to do something like that, I'll give this a try! Again, love the software!


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