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Junkyard cursors

on March 4th 2011

You should be able to see what the person has posted into the cursor junkyard.

on March 13th 2011


on March 18th 2011

...on their profile pages.

Lost Girl
on April 2nd 2011

There's some pretty good cursors in the junkyard.
Cheers mate,
Toni Rumbel

on April 4th 2011

I agree. Would be a nice feature to have.

on May 17th 2011

Like see one person's cursors only. I think it should be added.

on November 15th 2011


on December 24th 2012

I think that the junkyard should have a different name because junkyard makes me think of junk but a lot of the cursors in there are not junk. I don't have any ideas on what to call it but I think it should have a different name.


on January 3rd 2013

I actually like the name. You have junk in your closet that you still use and would never throw out, well, at least not yet.. not until you get some better junk.. lol

on February 14th 2013

I agree. Sometimes you like the art of a certain artist and you want to see what else they uploaded.

on February 17th 2013

That might be a good idea. I don't know if you can achieve the same results by using the search box to search by user name if they don't have sets.. I have found some single icons in the junkyard in my search results.

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