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Unicorn 3D for Cursor Editor

on March 27th 2011

In what version did the 3d plug-in for RealWorld Cursor Editor come out? Because I watched the tutorial for the cursor with the rotating spheres (good job Vlasta) and I was wondering how he turned it into a cursor.

on March 27th 2011

Version 2007.1 had an optional 3d editor in the installer. It may re-appear in the future...

on January 10th 2012

i have an 3DS

on July 18th 2013

hahahahahahahaha! that last comment made my day!

on August 25th 2020

however you can still download the version 2007.1,

just go to this url rw-designer.com/downloads.php and select the version 2007.1 and on the setup, enable the 3d module.

on October 10th 2020

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on November 25th 2020

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on December 18th 2020

how to can your pointer smaller

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