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School is soooooooo boring

on June 22nd 2011

hey skool is sooo boring especially english!!!

on June 22nd 2011

does anyone know how to write a sonnet

i so need someone help :-(

on September 16th 2011

Ha, you've got that right!

Eww I've got English homework to do as well. But /I/ only have to write an OUTLINE. I win. Haha. Just kidding.

on October 16th 2011

Okay. A Sonnet is a poetical composition very close to the perfection.
A sonnet const of two parts: 2 strophes of 4 verses and 2 strophes of 3 verses. The specific rules are:

In the first 2 strophes of 4 verses:
1st verse must have a consonant rhyme with 3rd verse, and the 2nd also must have consonant rhyme, but with 4th verse.

In the last 2 strophes of 3 verses:
Must have a maximum of three consonant rhyme. You can make rhymes with any verses.

Also, there must be a perfect metric of 11 verbal sounds. You have 1 verbal sound by each silaph of a word. If the last word of a verse is:
Proparoxytone: -1 verbal sound
Bass: -+ 0 verbal sounds
Treble: +1 verbal sound.

There is also the union of verbal sounds, but I think that occurs only in spanish. Be careful with diphtongs and hiatuses.

And last:
'cause nothing is more magic than learning something new everyday.
The proof: you just learned how to write sonnets.

on November 15th 2011

School isn't magic, friendship is ;-)

on November 30th 2011

yo mesage me

on December 27th 2011

I was also feels the same when i was in school , but this are the sweet memories , will never comes this days again in our life .
so be happy :-)

on February 21st 2012

you are right about school is boring.

Lost Girl
on February 22nd 2012

School is actually ver good. I think it helps to pay attention once in a while.......Oh, who am I kidding? School's boring!

on February 24th 2012

skool ish just a bit of nonsence to bring us to society!!!! i rebel against it!!!!! there's many things we could learn from our parents/siblings all the same!!! i hate it because in school theres so many catergories that get people mock'd!! like who cares about popularity and whos smater or prettier then who?? not shazie thats for sure!!!! and i really hate homework

on February 29th 2012

Im bored of School I just wanna play MW3

Lost Girl
on February 29th 2012

Addiction, not much!

2 replies were left out.

on March 29th 2012

I go to school at night ;-) and when i finish, I start work :-D. My school is an technical :-D.
It's so cool ;-)

Sorry, my english is poor :-) LOL

on April 10th 2012

@1st post:
I LIKE SPEAKING THE TRUTH TOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (yes it is...)

on April 10th 2012

Well, it's also a personal oppinion, and the absolute truth won't never be discovered. I like english class, -as you know, it's a foreign language for me, your english class is the equivalent to my language class- so I find it particullary cool. (and also easy).

We can't also decide if the school is useful or not. For example, I want to become a Informatical Engineer, so I don't need to know, how does a plant reproduce, am I right? In conclusion, not all things you learn in school are useful… but is fun to learn things when you have good teachers.

My school has the "3 B" (Bueno, Bonito, Barato; in english Convenient, Cute, Cheap, so would be "3 C"). It's really enjoyable to learn here. Want a better example?


The amplitude is the máxim distance that a particle moves in a wave, the longitude is the distance between two antinodes, wich is the particle at the máx. amplitude, in contrast to the node wich is the particle that doesn't move at all. The frequency is inversally proportional to the longitude, as it is the number of times a particle passes by certain point in a determined time

Now, watch this flash animation

Now, answer (not necessarily relpying to the post), wich explication was more fun, mine's or Lakitu's?

That's it. If you have good teachers, then you'll find school very fun, like me.

theh awsome
on April 15th 2012


theh awsome
on April 15th 2012



Lost Girl
on April 15th 2012

===We all know that!!!===

on April 21st 2012

To all you people against school:
It's like a video game tutorial; boring but important. Tune it out and you'll suck when it's time to play for real.

on April 21st 2012

That's what I meant, but I didn't think in that example. Well done mrmcgoo.

on May 11th 2012

It is boring but it will benefit you in the future.

on July 23rd 2012

I agree with mrmcgoo-
"It's like a video game tutorial; boring but important. Tune it out and you'll suck when it's time to play for real."
Thats a great comparison.


on July 23rd 2012

Last four comments were inspiring…

on July 27th 2012

MATHS AND ENGLISH SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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