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I'm very Newbie Help!

How do i upload cursors?
on September 15th 2011

Just wondering how to upload cursors. A full detail step through step will help, im very newbie and would like to know.

Thanks a lot

on January 2nd 2012

Go to gallery, then press cursor, the press upload! There!
Then to show it to people do the process again except this time at the end press create a set!

on September 2nd 2012

Um no offense but you really are very newbie, you even used the RW Photos Icon for a cursor topic. Just saying. Also Auni's right; you go to gallery tab click where it says "upload" under "open cursor library", then choose the file name and all the information, and its a good idea to learn about licenses. at the bottom of the upload page it will tell you if you can make a set but i always make all 15 cursors and then make set although you only need 3 for a set. so yeah thats about it. yeah thats it.

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