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Workshop items

Obtained items are stored in users' workshops. Content on this page shall be managed by the users. Log-in and click the green Edit link in the footer to modify it.

Items sold by Scunkie

item/spray-paint/red.png imageSpray paint - (5 Buttons) Using the spray paint changes the color of user's name. When buying a can from Scunkie, the color is randomly selected from the 9 colors. Some people were given spray paints early as a special reward. More spray paint colors.
item/spray-dispenser/red.png imageSpray paint dispenser - (100 Buttons) This machine can produce unlimited number of spray paints of a single color (but only three at a time). Top contributors were given dispensers when the workshop was created.
* sixλxis is known to have the item/spray-dispenser/red.png image red dispenser.
* JDDellGuy is known to have the item/spray-dispenser/black.png image black dispenser.
* SYNTHCRO is known to have the item/spray-dispenser/red.png image red dispenser.
* cdl is known to have the item/spray-dispenser/red.png image red, item/spray-dispenser/black.png image black, item/spray-dispenser/green.png image green, item/spray-dispenser/gray.png image gray, item/spray-dispenser/orange.png image orange and item/spray-dispenser/purple.png image purple dispensers.
item/stonemason-tools.png imageStonemason's tools - (25 Buttons) This item allows you to change the URL that links to your profile. Can only be used once per person. After you use it you can give it to someone else and they can use it once, and so on.
item/glasses.png imageJoo Janta 200 - (42 Buttons) "Specially designed to help people develop a relaxed attitude to danger. They work, by turning completely dark at the first sign of danger, thus preventing you from seeing anything that might alarm you." The Joo Janta 200 hides advertisements on the website.
item/blacklight.png imageBlack Flashlight - (50 Buttons) Gives your (or anyone you choose's) name a cool green glow. This is useful for getting users names who are painted with black spraypaint to show over dark backgrounds. (Does not show up in all Internet browsers. For best results, use a fast browser, like chrome or opera)
item/button-pom.png imagePotted Button Pom - (125 Buttons) A Button Plant that produces buttons once everyday. Must be picked manually to receive buttons. "At least you can use it for Taoist flower gazing meditation. Basically, it's not a total loss."
item/voucher-41767.png imageRealWorld Photos Standard License Voucher - (150 Buttons) Exchange for a standard license for RealWorld Photos.
item/voucher-16273.png imageRealWorld Icon Editor Standard License Voucher - (200 Buttons) Exchange for a standard license for RealWorld Icon Editor.
item/wrapping-paper-1.png  imageitem/wrapping-paper-2.png imageitem/wrapping-paper-3.png  imagePiece of wrapping paper - (2 Buttons) Can be applied to any item to create a Fancy Present.
item/wrapping-roll-1.png imageitem/wrapping-roll-2.png imageitem/wrapping-roll-3.png image
Wrapping Paper Roll - (40 Buttons) A roll of wrapping paper, you can tear off up to three pieces of wrapping paper at a time.
item/cockade.png imageRibbon cockade - (5 Buttons) Can be used on a fancy present to make it more fancy.
item/jar-of-cockades.png imageJar of Cockades - (100 Buttons) Produces ribbon cockades (but only three at a time).
item/loyds15.png image15 puzzle - (15 Buttons) A puzzle game that you can earn buttons from. You get a button each time you get a high score and each time you solve the puzzle in under 100 moves.
item/acid-beaker.png imageSet dissolvent - (13 Buttons) Allows you to delete one of your icon or cursor sets. Can only be used once.

Other items

item/button-bag.png imageButton Bag - Where your buttons you have received go.
item/button-1.png imageitem/button-2.png imageitem/button-3.png imageitem/button-4.png imageButtons - All buttons are equal to one unit of currency. They are used as currency for Scunkie. Buttons can be received by rating icon or cursor sets, playing a 15 Puzzle, picking your Potted Button Pom, or by playing Cosmic Journey. For more info on buttons Click here.
item/sandpaper.png imageSandpaper - Allows you to erase the color of your name and reset it to the default blue color. (Not necessary if you simply want to switch colors. Only needed if you don't want any custom color at all.)
item/sandpaper-roll.png imageSandpaper Roll - Admins always have these handy in case you lose your sandpaper.
item/voucher-32242.png imageRealWorld Photos Professional License Voucher - Exchange for a professional license for RealWorld Photos. Only available per special request.

Seasonal items

item/bottle-rocket.png imageBottle Rocket - Applies a custom fireworks theme to the site for you. Originally for New Year's 2011. Can only be used once.
item/present.png imageMysterious Present - Christmas comes early! Mystery Presents can contain spray paints and pieces of sand paper. There may be 1, 2 or 3 items in one present.
item/antimagic-gloves.png imageAnti-magic Gloves - Allows you to reach into the vortex and change your pet rocks, logs, and skulls into sentient ones.
item/present-1p.png imageitem/present-1c.png imageitem/present-2p.png imageitem/present-2c.png imageitem/present-3p.png imageitem/present-3c.png imageFancy Present - An item wrapped in Wrapping Paper. A Ribbon cockade can be used on it.


item/pet-rock.png imageitem/pet-log.png imageitem/pet-skull.png imagePet Rock, Log, or Skull - No use currently. May have a use when the gallery is redesigned.
item/sentient-pet-rock.png imageitem/sentient-pet-log.png imageitem/sentient-pet-skull.png imageSentient Pet Rock, Log, or Skull - No use currently. May have a use when the gallery is redesigned.


item/trophy-snowflake-64.png imageSnowflake Trophy - Awarded to participants of JDDellGuy's snowflake contest.
item/trophy-smiley-64.png imageSmiling Trophy - Awarded to participants of JDDellGuy's smiley contest.
item/trophy-shirt-64.png imageButtonless Shirt Trophy - Awarded for getting all possible buttons from reviewing in a single day. BlackEntity11 as well as many others are known to have this trophy.
item/trophy-cj-64.png imageCosmic Journeyman Trophy - Awarded for winning the 6th stage of Cosmic Journey.
item/trophy-doomsday-64.png imageDoomsday Survivor Trophy - (Limited Edition) Awarded for logging onto the website and going to the doomsayer's booth on 12/21/12.
item/trophy-pixelart-64.png image Pixelated Trophy - JDDellGuy is known to have one of these.
item/trophy-present-64.png image Gift Wrapper Trophy - Awarded for using all three different pieces of wrapping paper in a specific manner and order.
item/trophy-month-64.png image Month Theme Trophy - Awarded to participants of the Theme of the Month contest.

Unique items

item/voucher-printer.png imageVoucher Printer - A tool to create more vouchers.
item/claw-machine.png imageClaw Machine - A generator for Mystery Presents.
Sirea is known to have the Claw Machine.
item/prototrophy.png imageTrophy Kit - A tool to create trophies. It Can only make three kinds of trophies, Smiling, Pixelated, and Snowflake.
JDDellGuy is known to have the Trophy Kit.

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