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how can i use scanned images to create smooth computer images

on February 16th 2012

when i scan the image it comes out with blurry lines. i can use floodfill and mess with the tolerance to get most of it solid but then have to zoom in to fill pixel by pixel even then it does not come out with smooth line work. please help me fix this problem

on February 16th 2012

OK, let's take it step by step.

First, you need to digitalize your sketches without losing much quality. Are your original sketches sharp enough? If they seem much sharper on paper than on a (same-sized) computer screen, you may want to adjust the settings on your scanner (increase resolution/DPI).

After the computer versions are comparable to the originals, you may want to attempt to improve them. Easy things to do include contrast/brightness adjustments and the unsharp mask effect. If it is still not satisfactory, you may want to look for specialized software for raster to vector conversion (there is no such software on this site) or you may try to re-create the drawing using the scanned image as a reference. In that case you may want to rescale it to a reasonable size and create a new layer, where you would use the drawing tools like curve or line to create a new drawing.

on February 16th 2012

i have the resolution al the way up which is 2400 in my scanners menu. i might just try the layer affects to se if i can get the look im wanting. im also gonna look up "raster to vector conversion" never heard of this before thanks for the help.

on February 24th 2012

so thats all you need to do??? thats so simple!!! but.... i need to ask a question if anyone would be so kind to answer?

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