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How to make Windows cursors bigger than 32x32?

on February 17th 2012

Hello Everybody!
My name is Tyler, next year I am graduating from High School. I am making my Job/College portfolio with Cursor, Icon, 3D-Intro Designs etc.. I have made a totally awesome cursor pack I think all of you will totally love!.. but there is one problem. Whenever i go to set the custom size to 80x80 I save the cursor and it automatically re-sizes the cursor to 32x32. In the box where you can test you cursors prior to download.. It says all Windows cursors reset to 32x32.. I remember using this software a while ago, and I had no problem setting custom sizes, but i'm not sure if I am missing a step this time around. I was wondering if someone could help me, by telling me ways to make my cursors bigger than 32x32. It would be MUCH appreciated.
I hope everyone is having a great day! :-D
Thanks Everyone!

on February 17th 2012

Well, what is says it true (except for Windows 7 running at 144DPI or more, in which case all cursors are scaled to 48x48). Windows has fixed cursor size. Even if your cursor is 80x80 pixels, it will appear as 32x32. If you want bigger cursors, you'll need download and install CursorFX. But that won't fix the problem for people without it. It is best to stick with 32x32 and possibly 48x48 pixels cursors.

on September 12th 2012

Well actually i did the biggest 1 n i closed my laptop and opened it disapeared how can it always be there how it dont disapear when i do normal well i opened and found its there i just wanna know how it dont diseaper an hwo it also dont disapear when am writing on notepad or writing on whatever do i have to install cursorFx Or thats ok?

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