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Dodge, Burn, Clone Tools

on February 22nd 2012


I just found out about RealWorld Paint. It looks great. I have been using a simple photo editor online. I am now looking for my first photo editor to put on my computer. RealWorld Paint looks interesting. I have an older computer and have had trouble downloading for some reason. Before I attempt to download RealWold Paint I wanted to ask if it had a dodge, burn and cloning tools? I checked the site and could not locate the tools. I would just try to download RealWorld Paint and check for the tools. I just have been having problems with downloading and didn't want go through the time if I had any problems to find out RealWorld did not have the tools I wanted.

Thank you

on February 22nd 2012

There is the clone tool. It has a couple of settings and 2 modes for reference spot selections. It works in the same way as the clone tools in other editors.

The burn and dodge functionality is more or less covered by the retouch tool. You can choose the sub-more in its configuration panel. RWPaint uses neutral rather than photographic terminology and so Brighten is similar to dodge while Darken is similar to burn. Alternative way to achieve these effects would be via Multiply color and 'Add color'' modes there, but these depend on current color.

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