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RealWorld Photos does not have 64-bit.

64-bit link was provided on, but link is broken.
Mr. Zidgel
on March 28th 2012

I'm not sure if there is 64-bit available or not; the download page shows the link is available, but the actual file is not, therefore in my discovery, the link is broken.

Is there actual 64-bit support? I think it would be useful for me to have the 64-bit version of the software since I have a 64-bit PC, and I also edit extremely large photos and graphics (3200x2100+ resolutions with multiple layers (5-12 layers) of the same resolution).

The 32-bit application will not utilize the full 64-bit capabilities of my PC, which is why I am looking for the 64-bit copy.

on March 29th 2012

It is currently not available. I'll what can be done about it.

on April 2nd 2012

This might be of help, this page shows all the variations of each program.

Also, while on this note, i know that the Picture Resizer is up to version 6 whereas its only listed up to version 4 on this page. The Card Creator and the Image Grid should also be added too.

on April 9th 2012

for some reason my computer can use 32-bit but im 64-bit weird right

not used anymore
on August 23rd 2020

No that isn't weird. 64-bit is backwards compatible with 32-bit software.

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