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Use Cursors As Default Cursors On Any Webpage

... just works with Internet Explorer
on May 14th 2012

has anyone ever solved the problem how to implement one of the cursors hosted here into a sites CSS or HTML, so that it works not only on iE but with every browser? I never thought about asking here, and I'm a total noob - with alot of things
I mean there must be a solution, am I right?

on May 14th 2012

I did some tests long time ago and the main problem used to be with the .ani format. While .cur was supported by pretty much all browsers, .ani only worked in Explorer. There was also a file size limit in Explorer, I believe it was 100kB - larger cursor files were refused. Firefox accepted .gif as cursor, but because you cannot specify hot spot using a .gif file, Firefox always used the top left pixel, which may not always be right.

So, if you want to have good compatibility with all browsers, you would need to test them repeatedly and possibly serve different file depending on the browser the user has.

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I wish there were...
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What about ICL files?