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Buttonless Shirt Trophy

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on March 18th 2013

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This coveted trophy is awarded for giving the maximum number of reviews in one day. You earn buttons at a progressively harder rate for giving thoughtful reviews until you reach the maximum number of buttons available for reviewing in one day, we believe that is number is 6 presently. In the captions that follow posting a review, you loose your shirt but you keep reviewing content until you finally have the trophy.

It is possible to have more than one Buttonless Shirt Trophy but it is unknown as to whether you can earn more than one. In other words, a fellow RW Graphics user may send you a Buttonless Shirt Trophy when you already have one in your workshop and it may be possible to earn a duplicate trophy by reviewing, the latter has not been confirmed yet. Scunkie the button gnome is known to dislike clutter and he may limit how many of these trophies you can earn. You may only display one trophy at a time on your profile page presently so why would you need to have two?

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Your button count renews at the start of a new day or 12:00 midnight.
Currently the website is based on time in the Czech Republic:

See Current Time

on March 18th 2013

You can only earn a trophy if you do not already have one in your workshop. By revealing this information, I made it easy to earn multiple trophies and so, to prevent this, I am making the trophies untradable.

The time in Czech Republic has no effect - what matters is how long ago you earned your last few buttons.

on March 19th 2013

Thanks for the new info Vlasta we don't want confusion and misinformation.

So it is per 24 hour period I assume. 6 Buttons maximum per 24 hour period.
(not real sure about the 24 hours, could be there about)
You can no longer obtain multiple trophies.

This is what happens when you do not ask before you post.. lol

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