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more items

deadly bro
on March 23rd 2013

have anyone thought that we could use more items to buy from scunkie or even different colors like the ribbon cockade we can make for it more colors like real life and even more ideas

deadly bro
on March 23rd 2013

more ideas

1- ribbon role
2-sandpaper role (just because it is only for administrators we should put it in scunkie's stand

having more ideas post

deadly bro
on April 1st 2013

more ideas


1-button tree(gives three buttons in one day and is done automatically)


1-ribbon cockade

2-fancy presents

3-spray paint(brown and blue)

having ideas please feel free to post

on April 2nd 2013

Navy spray paint can come from mystery presents but not from scunkies stand. Not very useful, because the default name color is blue.


deadly bro
on April 13th 2013

you are right SYNTHCRO i see your point it doesn't make alot of difference between the no color and the navy fine then blue is out of the equation

The Male Boss
on November 18th 2017

a bottle of dissolvement
produces set dissolvements but only three at any time

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