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RealWorld Cursor Editor 2013.1

user interface updates from RWPaint
on July 11th 2013

The new version of the cursor editor includes changes in the color picker, drawing tools and image effects, which were first introduced in RealWorld Paint.

Uploading cursors to the cursor gallery is now less confusing and it prevents uploading of obviously flawed cursors.

One of the biggest cursor-related change is the replacing of the Import Linux Cursor wizard with a codec plug-in for Linux cursors. The new codec can both open and save cursors for Linux and supports multi-resolution cursors. It can be installed from the Online page.

If you are using the portable edition of the previous version and plan to put the new version into the same folder, you must delete all .dll files before unpacking the new version, because some of the .dll files are not used in the new version anymore.

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Who's looking at this with 18636 page views?

on June 9th 2017

Me. Make more updates RealWorld!

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