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[Animation] Tweenable Blur

on November 5th 2013

Download the above link and drag the file onto a toolbar in Animation mode.

It allows you to select 2 or more frames and then blur from one value to another across the selected frames.
You can also select a Tween mode.
For those dont know what that is check this page....
But just playing with the thing will give you the idea ;-)

Doesn't have any per pixel processing and uses all RW commands so its nice and zippy.

on November 6th 2013


Here's a new version of Tweenable Blur that allows you to select the type of blur.
Because of this Value can mean different things depending on the type of blur chosen.
You can learn more about the values here....

For those that don't know, a float is a number that can have a decimal place and an int or integer is a number that can't.
The input box will still accept numbers that have decimals even if the values type is an integer, but internally the number will be rounded.

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