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The filmstrip exporter should have a reverse function...
Mikey Z
on April 14th 2014

I have been using the Export Filmstrip tool in RW Paint Animation mode, so I can use that recolor plugin you made a while back, and I just realized that it's a lot more complicated to turn it back into a GIF than it is to turn it into a filmstrip. Is it doable to make a button that will allow one to import a filmstrip, and accept input as to the pixel width of each sprite?

on April 14th 2014

I guess it would be possible, but first let's explore the other options. I do not remember how the re-color script worked, but basically, it should be rather easy to use it with animations. Also, is there a problem I am not aware of regarding the filmstrip->animation conversion? It should do what you need, you only need to know how many frames there are in the strip.

Mikey Z
on April 16th 2014

OH WAIT NEVERMIND HAHAHA JUST FOUND IT. I didn't see the "create" menu that holds the create-animation-from-spritesheet-thing. I was thinking it'd be under "file" or something. Ha ha you can delete this question.

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