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Transparency while pasting
NH Kom
on May 10th 2014

How can I paste an image in "cursor Editor" with its transparency?

on May 10th 2014

There is not anything special about pasting with transparency. If the copied image has transparency, it will be pasted with transparency.

NH Kom
on May 11th 2014

But I copied the image with transparency and it pasted without transparency!
Any solution?

on July 11th 2014

If you show us the image you copied maybe we can help. Just upload it to imgur or equivalent.

Vector Lightning
on November 22nd 2014

What app are you pasting it from? If it's not RW-Designer, it may not work.

I was learning to use Photoshop for a class, and I found that the same thing happens trying to copy and paste images from Photoshop into RW-Paint. If the Photoshop image had empty space, copying to Paint will result in a black background, and vice versa. (Maybe incompatible transparency format?)

on November 22nd 2014

Yes, Photoshop uses its own custom (and nowhere documented) way of copying transparency. It is understandable, as in earlier Windows, there was no standard way to do it. Now there is and RWP is using it. You can for example copy image with transparency from Firefox and paste in into RWPaint.

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