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Windows XP

Don't you think we NEED Windows XP.
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on October 19th 2014

Come on! Don't you think Windows XP should still be around? Comment here if so.

on October 20th 2014

I'm still running XP on my PC.

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on October 25th 2014

Take a good look on XP! Now look at Windows 8! Please Tell Me Your Sticking With XP!

on October 25th 2014

I hate windows 8

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on October 31st 2014

Me too! Windows 8 sucks!

on November 16th 2014

how format window xp

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on December 27th 2014

Anonymous. This is not a spot to go "OMG HELP I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DELETE A FOLDER ON WINDOWS XP HELP OMG OMG" This is just a place just a place to say " Hey, I like Windows XP too!" Or "WINDOWS 8 SUCKS!!!!" And if your implying you want to get rid of Windows XP, your super dumb!!!!

on April 9th 2015

i like windows xp,windows 8 is not good and bad :P

on September 7th 2015

Windows 8 and Windows Vista both SUCK!
The only reason that Windows XP isn't supported is that Microsoft wants that
Any means necessary.
I love Windows XP

on September 9th 2015

More than likely, I will migrate to Windows 7. At least it is a good version of Windows! I am sorry XP, but I must... It isn't you, or me, it's freaking Microsoft. I'm sorry...

The PC I'm looking at is:
-Local, great!
-Windows 7, great!
-No monitor, oh well. I have one anyway...
-2GB of ram, not particularly great, will do.
-Dell Optiplex, SCORE!!!
-Recovery partion on disk preinstalled, great! I could use on of those on my primary (Currently dead) PC... :-(
-FREE!!! Nope... It is $74.50 though, what a deal!
-Refurbished, nooooooo!
-Many buyers rated 5 stars, useful!


on September 9th 2015

yay! Hope you do, sounds like a great deal except for the 2 GB.. wow!

on September 13th 2015

I revived my PC from the dead!
I used and ran chkdsk /r c:
and it showed up that it fixed 1 or 2 errors, I am using it right now to post this comment! YAAAAAY! So now, I get a new PC, and get to keep my old data, plus my sister gets a crappier version of her laptop! (My PC)

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on November 27th 2015

Let's go by Bill Gates' office and:
*Format his PC
*Spray paint "WINDOWS XP" on the wall, and put "OBAMA WAS HERE"


on December 8th 2015

Win XP for the win! :-D
Best for old machines.

The Muffin Man
on January 19th 2016

I also like XP. But I have migrated to Windows 10.

on January 27th 2016

XP was best. But stupid activation wanted me to activate Win XP although it was(!) activated. Timer was counting, lol.
Tested Win 10, and switched to Xubuntu then.
Old machine is very happy now, but I'm missing XP!
on March 30th 2016

i really do miss it due to its extended support which ended but i have it in my country and i really need it a lot
on April 1st 2016

plus i have a skin pack of it

on April 7th 2018

I'm using XP Right now :P

on June 12th 2018

It's good windows XP to use in my pc.

on August 24th 2018

Using XP and Realworldpaint. An Update would be cool

on September 10th 2018

lol, using XP is so good. i really love it, WINDOWS 8 SUCKS!.

on September 10th 2018

Hey, I like Windows XP!

It's pretty user friendly.

on November 24th 2018

I prefer Windows XP. It's more user friendly, easy to use and has a huge variety of software to choose.

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