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How do you post cursor you made on your website

on January 13th 2007

Well i have 3 cursors but how do i put it on to my website so other people can download the cursors

on January 13th 2007

The cursors are ordinary files and you can upload them to a web site similarly as you upload for example .zip archives. Then you should create links to the files. The concrete method for uploading depends on your web site and the software installed there.

If you'd want to upload them to the public cursor library on this site, you can do it directly from the editor - there is a command in the "Cursor" menu called "Add to Online Library".

on February 5th 2007

I do a couple things.

1) If your cursors name is "MyCursor.cur", Convert a copy of the cursor to a gif file and name it "MyCursor.gif" file. YOu'll need the gif file to display what your cursor looks like.

2) Create a ZIP folder. Place the cursors (*.cur) and the GIF (*.gif) files in this ZIP file.

3) Upload the ZIP file and the individual gif files to your web site.

4)To display the cursors on your web site, (really your displaying the gif files) place a line of HTML where you want the gif files to display:

EXAMPLE: <img border="0" src="MyCursor.gif" alt="LongEZ Cursor Normal">

5) To allow someone to download your cursors (your ZIP file), place HTML code like this on you web page:

EXAMPLE<a href="">DOWNLOAD</a> My Cursors

This will appear on your page as


The word DOWNLOAD is the hyperlink to your ZIP file

Hope this helps


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