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15 Puzzle For Sale

Anybody wanna buy my 15 puzzle for 13 buttons?
Galactic Nerds
on May 1st 2016

I'm offering to sell my 15 puzzle for 13 buttons. (2 Buttons off.)

Edit: now 12 buttons!

on May 2nd 2016

You really should offer it for 10 buttons.
Give a little to get a little.
Why are you selling your 15 puzzle game in the first place?
Don't you like playing the game?

If you are having trouble with playing the game I can tell you that the more you play it the better you get at it.

Good luck with selling the game!
I already have one.

item/loyds15.png image

Galactic Nerds
on May 2nd 2016

I think I will change my offer to 12. I bought the 15 puzzle to get buttons, but I think there's better ways to get them.

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