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permission to show website on my youtube video channel

To show how one can download the library icons or create new icons
on October 19th 2016


I have a channel on youtube - where i make tutorials - channel name -

I want to make a tutorial on how to change cursor on windows 10. can i download the icons from your websbite and you it to users how that works. more over also show how to create a new cursor on your website.

please let me know if that is fine with you. website link i am referring to is - and .
i will look forward to revert on this from your side


on October 19th 2016

no problem

(I don't even think you need any kind of permission to show a website in a video; just like you don't need a permission to make a photo of a building.)

The Muffin Man
on October 19th 2016

Hey, Vlasta. Can you help me how to put a video on one of my blog entries? I tried to upload one to the full editor, but it says the file is too large. Can you please help?


on October 20th 2016

you upload it on youtube, get your video code from the address bar - it is 11 letters or numbers and use this in the page:

[[youtube:<your video code>|640x385]]
The Muffin Man
on October 20th 2016

Thanks, Vlasta! :-)

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