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Cursor Editor for Chromebook

on December 1st 2017

I really want to make more cursors, but I have a Chromebook at school, and the software or anything that is an .exe file cannot be compatible on the Chromebook.

Do you want to make a cursor editor for the Chromebook to publish to the Chrome web store? Comment below on what you think!

The Male Boss
on December 12th 2017

I think that it would take some time to create a cursor editor compatible for Chrome book.
The Second thing is how many people will have a Chrome Books and will download the editor.
Are you supposed to be making cursors at school?
Just stick to making cursors at home is my advice.

on January 18th 2019

Hey, I have a Chromebook, so I can't use this app.

on August 15th 2019

i do too and i want too make one

on August 24th 2019

Great! but it would take much time.

Anyways is such a nice idea! :-)

on September 26th 2019

Thanks, kalimba69! ;-)

on December 1st 2019

I Agree

It would be such a great idea, it would be good also that some of RW software was available of other Operating Systems, so you don't need to use VirtualBox, VMware, etc.

on February 27th 2020

yea i so mad about cant chenge cursor

on March 24th 2020

Yes I Would Love It

on September 29th 2020

let me use a cursor

on February 24th 2021

I'm using a chromebook and I wan't to get a custom cursor my friend told me about this app.

on March 1st 2021

That would be pretty cool, although it would take some time to complete.

on July 14th 2021

I agree too
I think other unpopular operating systems need more attention. All tho I use a mac I feel the same thing, all the other good apps and games are made for windows. It makes me feel left out.

on July 19th 2021

I could probably make something for that

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I wish there were...
What about ICL files?