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Riddler Cursor Set

Riddler Cursor Set - 15 Cursors
on January 25th 2018

Hello everyone. Please can you create a 15 cursor set of "Riddler Cursor Set". I am requesting you folks to create the "Riddler Cursor Set" because I cannot find this cursor set online. Please make all the cursors black and lime green in color.

Please reply back to me as soon as you completed the 15 cursor set for the Riddler. You can also reply to me here: cesare@live.co.uk

Thank you.

on December 14th 2019

how are we supposed to create a riddler cursor set

on June 30th 2020

He can't make cursors!

on May 17th 2021

I have created more Riddler cursor sets since I asked a few years ago. I also got a Riddler cursor set made by Hopachi when I have asked him to make such a version of the TenForums.com website here:


You will find this Riddler cursor set on my profile.

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