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Can you change your name account name?

Can you change your name account name?
Waffle Alien
on April 15th 2018

I want to change my account name, but can i?

on April 16th 2018

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Go to your account page and change your screen name, (account name), by changing your "Nick" name.

At the top of your profile page you will find a link to your account page, it reads "Modify the information about you on your account page.". Click on the highlighted words "account page" and the link will take you to your account page.

Once on the account page simply change your "Nick" name and click the "Change" button when you are done with your alterations.

Return to your profile and refresh/reload the page if you do not see the changes you made to your name.



It is not advisable to make too many name changes. People become confused as to who you are.

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on April 16th 2018

icon-image/7488-32x32x32.png image You should read "What is not allowed" in the Terms of Service.

You may not have more than one RW user account.

Read rw-designer profile guidelines for information on how to set up individual parts of your profile page on

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