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Your favorite OS (operative system)

This is where you can say your favorite OS and what you like about it!
on November 24th 2018

My favorite OS is XP. I like it because of the easy-to-use inrerface and variety of software.

on April 8th

i like windows 7. it is good and all the drivers are in built. very light weight.

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on May 8th

i like windows 7 since it's easier to have a bigger hard drive (like mine, which is 1 tb).

on September 19th

I love windows 7 because it's easier to use and Windows 7 have games, songs and programs.

on September 22nd

Windows 7/Vista. They are both good because hey have good games!

on November 10th

Windows XP and 7 are my favorites. Windows XP runs old games very well, and Windows 7 runs new games very well.

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