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Your favorite OS (operative system)

This is where you can say your favorite OS and what you like about it!
on November 24th 2018

My favorite OS is XP. I like it because of the easy-to-use inrerface and variety of software.

on April 8th 2019

i like windows 7. it is good and all the drivers are in built. very light weight.

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on May 8th 2019

i like windows 7 since it's easier to have a bigger hard drive (like mine, which is 1 tb).

on September 19th 2019

I love windows 7 because it's easier to use and Windows 7 have games, songs and programs.

on September 22nd 2019

Windows 7/Vista. They are both good because hey have good games!

on November 10th 2019

Windows XP and 7 are my favorites. Windows XP runs old games very well, and Windows 7 runs new games very well.

on November 23rd 2019

Windows 7
Because it's very comfortable and I like the easy-to-use interface, it's perfomance is very well, and it haves more space on the C: disk.

on January 15th 2020

R.I.P Windows 7. 2009-2020.

Thanks for the Memories, Windows 7. :-)

on September 15th 2020

windows xp BEST os change my mind...

on September 15th 2020

Well, Windows XP and Windows 7 are one of the best OSes. But I think Windows 7 will be the greatest. I wish Windows 7 bundled Windows Movie Maker. :-(

But anyways I have a VM of Windows XP that haves Windows Movie Maker. :-)

on September 18th 2020

XP,vista,7 8.1 10

on September 18th 2020

Ewwwwwww Vista, vista is garbage

on September 18th 2020

its not for me

on September 18th 2020

Without Vista you wouldn't have Windows 7, eeveelover64.


I like Win 10 because of its design, it's also easy to use. :-)

about 21 hours ago

windows 10 has a lot of bulk-ware that slows down you computer, so i choose windows 7 :-). I remember playing chess on that. I miss those memories...

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