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Gray and Pink Spray Paints

Where are those found?
on November 23rd 2019

I just recolored my name to red by accident and I want it back to gray (or even better, pink). I'm pretty sure pink can't be bought from Scunkie and I don't know where to obtain gray (Nikentolomog sent me one a few months ago). Does anyone know where I can get a gray or pink spray paint?
If you have gray or pink, how many buttons for one?

on November 27th 2019

I bought a gray spray paint from Scunkie and recolored my name to gray. I'm still trying to figure out where to get a pink spray paint. I'll buy pink spray paints for up to 10 buttons.

on December 1st 2019

You just need luck, every time you buy a Spray Paint, you get a random color.

Good luck getting the pink spray paint. ;-)

on December 1st 2019

Wait so you can get pink from Scunkie? I've bought lots from Scunkie and I have never gotten pink.

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I wish there were...
What about ICL files?