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15 Puzzle Buttons

Why does the 15 puzzle not give me buttons?
on November 27th 2019

I read that the 15 puzzle is supposed to give you buttons every time you complete the puzzle in under 100 moves. But when I complete the puzzle in under 100 moves, it doesn't give me a button. Does anyone know why?

on December 1st 2019

Maybe the person that told you was wrong, actually the way to get buttons from the 15 Puzzle is beating your best highscore. That might be the reason why don't you receive a button.

I hope it helped. ;-)

on December 1st 2019

thanks but i read the page on the site, it says:
15 puzzle - (15 Buttons) A puzzle game that you can earn buttons from. You get a button each time you get a high score and each time you solve the puzzle in under 100 moves.

on December 2nd 2019

Probably, Honzales (or Vlasta) was wrong. But actually you need to beat your highscore to get buttons.

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