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Website Hotspot Fixer

What if RWD website had a hostpot fixer
Paradise Murderer
on June 5th 2020

It would be great if there was an option to fix hot-spots for already uploaded cursors, if you've seen my profile you know 3 of my first 2018 cursor sets have hotspot problems and unfortunately I don't have the time to fix them. Or- just make it so that if a cursor is severely off it's hot-spot just auto fix it or say a message like "cannot upload- hotspot is off" so that we know and can go fix it.

on August 19th 2020

If it is a static (non-animated) cursor, you can do that by clicking on the "Redraw" link on that cursor's page and the moving the hot-spot in the online editor. And there is some basic checking going on if you are uploading from RWCE, but cannot be too restrictive, as sometimes the hot-spot intentionally weird.

not used anymore
on August 19th 2020

It doesn't work. Whenever I do that, and click save, I click view after that, but the hotspot fix doesn't save. If there was a website update that could do that it would be awesome. Since 2014 the website didn't get an update.

Insane Games
on December 18th 2020

There is a save button dude

on February 1st 2021

no, i understnd what he is saying... i tried too and it didnt work online so i had to take the cursors with the ruined hotspots and had to basically remake them.

on February 5th 2021

I've never faced this problem. The dragging on the cursor preview is immensely helpful.

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