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Minecraft Fans!

Have you ever wanted to talk about Minecraft in a forum topic on RealWorld Graphics? Well here it is!
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on August 16th 2020

I love Minecraft a lot, especially the old versions. The Alpha era and the Classic era are my favourites!

There is also an Alpha Minecraft server called AlphaPlace, here's the IP: AlphaPlace.tk

To join, you need to select the version 1.2.6 and use retrowrapper to join, or use MultiMC, which doesn't require retrowrapper. If you are desesperate to play, then download this launcher called BetaCraft: You can download it on this page: launcher.betacraft.pl

To play it on the BetaCraft launcher Put a name, go to server list scroll down until you find a server called AlphaPlace, select version a1.2.6 and there ya go!!!

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on August 16th 2020

I played that one, Microsoft says that's the first version of MC, I don't think so, Minecraft first version ever was Cave Game.

on August 17th 2020

can i join in a other method (example joining a server and it need to be SP)

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on August 18th 2020

Not sure what do you mean.
By the way, did you guys hear of Minecraft 4k?

If not, you can see here detailed information about this obscure Minecraft on the official Minecraft Wiki:

on August 18th 2020

Minecraft irl be like

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