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Hey, Let's Add...

This topic should remain in general chat. Any suggestions on how to improve the website? Well, here's the forum for that! Any id
on December 7th 2020

=Hello there!=
Welcome to the 'Hey, Let's Add..." forum topic! Anything you feel like adding or removing, just post in the chat. Any topic that gets a lot of positive buzz will be sent to Vlasta, just a reminder.
There are a few rules, though.
1. No spamming/advertising.
2. No bullying.
3. No repetitive ideas.
4. No vague/broad ideas. Your ideas should be specific.
5. Off-topic chat is allowed.
Thank you!

on December 18th 2020

Hey, Lets Add more emojis to real world

on December 18th 2020

Also how do you make a topic??

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What about ICL files?
I wish there were...
Vista & Win 7 icons