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Is there a paintbrush tool?

like a tool that changes colors in different spots to another color.
on June 3rd 2021

So I'm making sprites using Real World Cursor Editor but I want to know if there is some kind of paintbrush tool that changes all of 1 color to another. (by the way I mean like not in all the same spot but different spots because if it same spot I just use the paint bucket tool.)

on June 9th 2021

Are you refering to changing the current color in an area? you can use the retouch tool with colorize option

on June 18th 2021

no like for example say there is a background color like white and there are 2 black colors apart from each other and you want to change them both to like blue or something at the same time, thats what I mean

on November 26th 2021


on November 27th 2021

like a brush that applies a color over a different one?
I am kind of experienced with rwce

on January 28th 2022

a brush the applies a color over all of another color (no matter where in the image the other color is) yes

on January 28th 2022

here an example

[] = black
{} = blue

[][][][] [] > {}{}{}{} {}

 [][]        ,>    {}{}

[] [] ,,> {} {}

 [][][]     ,,>    {}{}{}

[] ,,> {}

on January 28th 2022

why does my reply have yellow lines

on May 27th

why does this have so many views, this post is terrible, (though I still kinda wish this was a feature honestly)

on July 13th

Try the rsrc/recolor-tool.png image recolor tool in the latest version, it may work for you.

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What about ICL files?
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I wish there were...