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Don't make Frame Time 0ms

on August 1st 2007

If you try to make the Frame Time 0ms, antivirus programs will think there is a virus and they will delete what is in memory and will also delete the files you save that use 0ms in their preferences.

It would seem to me that disallowing the program to select 0ms would be a good idea.

I was sent on a wild goose chase with this problem--I was blaming it on the animated cursors I was downloading at first--a website might even have taken down a couple files because of my messages. It was doing it on some cursors and not others--well, that's because I only made it go down to 0ms on some of them.

Please fix your program so it doesn't allow one to select invalid options.


on August 1st 2007

Thanks for the error report. Frame time of 0s indeed does not make sense. It will be taken care of in the next version.

on August 2nd 2007

Sorry it has taken so long to respond. My time has been taken up enjoying the usage of your cursor editor. :-)

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