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I run out of ideas, please request here :)
on November 26th 2021

Req Cursors :)

on November 30th 2021


on November 30th 2021

I love your magma cursors my favorite one is magma cursors soo i am requesting you to do different colors of the magma cursors like any color your wish i first want green or blue :-)

on November 30th 2021


on December 3rd 2021

Dear Aworld!

While i do know you have your exams, i would love it if you made a cursor set about Soda/ Pop! I thought about soda popping out of one of the bottles, like a mtn dew bottle, would be a great concept for a cursor! Unfortunately, i do not have the same skills as you do, so I'd love it if you did that!

Sincerely, Stonks.

on December 13th 2021

Hello Aworld! How are you doing on your exams? Hope you are doing well!

I was hoping if for January's Theme of The Month, You could do New Year's Eve/ Firework Cursors!

on December 24th 2021

ill try to make firework cursors!

on April 16th 2022

well i mean, i cant make cursors cuz my pc cannot affort the app, not even google, so ill be back with a new cursor that i got over there (finished) and ill see if i get a new laptop

on April 22nd 2022

I requested a lemmy koopa cursor earlier today and ended up making on myself, however, I don't know much about posting so I would be happy to give it to someone else who can post it

on January 13th

Cyan Chroma Cursors would be cool

on February 4th

Mabey desserts or candy. Donuts would also look fire. Maybe swords too

on February 4th

Do a dark sonic cursor set

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