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Bad news:(

I'm back to using online icon editor again because of this.
on June 23rd 2022

Hey guys!How was it going?Today i just working on my Start Orb when suddenly when i was about to save it,it just need a license.I tried again.Nothing. I tried over again.Nothing. just a license thing showing up and i don't had any buttons to the button gnome to get rid of it.Plz help me finish this f@#$ing problem.
Messenge by:JUNTENG ANG

on June 23rd 2022

I need to obtain the licence first.But how?I need free license.Is there a way?

on July 8th 2022

Not work with everything, but my old method is: edit a 32×32 image, then at saving, select "bmp" as format, then type .ico at the end of your filename, like this: "untitled.ico". The image can have transparent parts and some programs not like this makeshift icon, such as Visual Studio, but good enough for customising desktop shortcuts or folders.

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