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Anyone here sill uses windows 7?

on June 26th

Hello, im posting this cuz i dont know if someone here still uses windows 7, i dont care if windows 7 support has ended, i use windows 7 Ultimate 64x on a laptop, im using windows 7 and i use it for all my life, there are the worst operating systems in my opinion:

1. Windows 10: is the worst Os i ever seen, it removed window color, games folder, it have a lazy logo design ( i hate oversimplified design) and you need a microsoft account for installing windows 10

2. Windows 11: is basically the same with ten, but with small changes

3. Windows 8.1/8: it removed glass lookin window, it removed the games and they replaced it with app store which is very boring and is the firstversion to include that lazy design

4. Ipad: the apps are so boring, but at least you can change the apps icons, android is better

5. ChromeOS: Is even worse than 8.1/8, you need wine to run executables, is a linux and android copycat, chrome stop recommending this OS, PLEASE!!!!!

And the best are here:

1. Windows 7: Same as vista but with small changes and more beautiful wallpapers , but sadly it removes windows ultimate extras during upgrade, they also removed inkball, but you can install them easily in my website on the page downloads and clicking windows ultimate extras and downloading.

2. Windows Vista: The best Os, aurora borealis wallpapers, texture in the taskbar, you may install portable apps in the Mac Style! Also is the first version to include aero icons without hiding them in the dll files, is also the first version to include chess and in the ultimate edition there were additional features which they are dreamscenes which lets you set a video as a desktop background, and games that they are extremely fun to play,the last chrome version for vista which looks a very nice interface, peope who hate it are ragebabies, it anslo includes that inkball game when you move the mouse to the window it will show the handwriting cursor!

3. Windows XP: A nostalgic Operating System ever made, i like the icons, is the first Os that uses aero icons but they are hiden in some dll files and but most are in xp style and windows 3.0 to 2000/ME Icons, but was the last os to include 3d pinball, in the tablet pc version is a game called inkball which is extremely fun to play

4. Android: is the best tablet and phone Os in the world, is more reliable than Ipad, the apps menu looks good, the apps are the best, someone made an app which lets yourun win executables, also an app that lets you modify apps.

5. MacOS: The best OS experience, is like a combination with android with windows 7, the user interface is the best, looks like windows 3.1 but from the future

The no opinion are there:

1. Linux

on June 26th

As always now, stay from xp to 7

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I wish there were...
Vista & Win 7 icons
What about ICL files?