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STOP requesting more texture or shadens

on July 23rd

Actually im making this because i saw many people requesting to add more texture, adding shades, and a percentage to make it look more realistic, and all you are doing is design DISRESPECT, becuase you have to respect the design, but dont like it is ok, but more texture, add shades or anything like that is not ok because you are being disrespectful, also, not everyone is gonna make complex wince they find it tiring, also, some icon or cursor sets are extracted or from another website, it is already explained on the description or in the title, so add a read this before comments or reviews, because some people dont read the description

on July 26th

Is ok to add texture improve if you didn't like the set if is actually made by him. Or you find a design error. But if you really liked the set is NOT ok

on July 26th

I did NOT expect many views just from a simple forum post lol

on July 28th


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