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It’s been a hot minute.

Haven’t posted anything in a while.
on July 31st 2022

Hey everyone. Animelove_1105 again.

Yes, I am still alive. Not dead or anything, ok? I’m back here to check out how the site’s doing since the last time I was here. So, you may be asking, “Why haven’t you uploaded cursor sets lately?” Well, you see, the computer I use to make my cursors isn’t with me anymore and had to be returned. I don’t have my own PC running windows. The best thing I have right now is a chrome book, and I don’t feel like using the online cursor editor. So it may be a few months until I get my computer back. (I’m typing this on my iPad btw.)

But yeah. Just wanna check in with everyone. I will be making more cursor/icon sets soon (If I can).

- Animelove_1105

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