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Next stream on Thursday 11th

smoother animation in Cursro Edito and Paint
on August 6th

The stream will start at just like last time at 7:00 PM CEST (Central European Summer Time) on Thursday 21st, that is 1:00 PM EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) or 10:00 AM PDT (Pacific Daylight Time).

This time the main topic will be animations and making cursors, but there will be also some minor updates to general functionality. There is an animated cursor set created with the new version. More details coming later.

on August 6th

Thanks for mentioning about making updates to general functionality.

Please can you do me a favour to update the RealWorld Cursor Editor application by adding all the 17 cursor role wizards, which I have asked you to add last time.

This software is years out of date and it is too limited for my creativity when creating cursors, so please add all the 17 cursor wizards to the application's toolbar.

Please Vlasta respond to me on this matter.

Thank you.

on August 7th

I can add some more wizards, but probably not all of them. The wizards can only produce a limited set of results. With the new version, it should take just a minute to make a simple cursor and the wizard would not save much time.

on August 7th

Thanks Vlasta. Please add the wizards to RW Cursor Editor. Since, I need a total of 17 cursor wizards, please add only the missing ones. Please do not refuse to add hand cursor wizards for Link Select, Location Select and Person Select, including all the other wizards which are missing.

Please be aware that RW Cursor Editor (downloadable version) is many years out of date. That last version is from 2013, which was at the time that Windows 7 was in its mainstream support still. That's a very long time ago now, so please do your very best Vlasta to include all the missing cursor wizards, and then thoroughly test the software before being released as a final version for the public. Please make sure that this new version of RW Cursor Editor is fully compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and 11.

I am a Windows 7 user, so this is the reason why I am asking for RW Cursor Editor to be compatible with the Windows 7 operating system.

Thanks for willing to update RW Cursor Editor Vlasta.

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