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ViyViy and Berrylover1028 2 months here!

celeration of our 2 months here
on February 7th

hey guys BerryLover here me and ViyViy been here for 2 months now and we want to celebrate we love how you guys work so hard thank you!

on February 21st

This is just weird nobody needs to know that you guys have been here for 2 months -_- sry if Im being rude but nobody needs to know. Oh yeah and thank you for telling everyone how you guys like how we work thanks! :-)

on February 22nd

i mean, glitch is right (coulda been worded differently, but i still agree) i mean like, woohoo! you had an account on a website whose userbase is either kids, some adults, and random anons for 2 months.
not exactly teh greatest accomplishment imo

on February 22nd

lol, but yea I mean like looking at your bio Berrylover1082 we don't need to know any of that kind of stuff and the comment I put for it in your profile is what I can agree with plus how old are you guys like 9?

on November 7th


on November 7th

Imma friens of berrylover nad viviy i was barn in 9/11 i hve no life and i liek to kinnap peeplo an eat them :P

Berrylover1028 and ViyViy re lesbinsa 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-)

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