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15 Puzzle in roman?

Is this actually a thing
Animelove_1105 ♾️
on February 7th

So uh I apparently found this asset on the site. It's supposedly a layout of the 15 puzzle tiles, but in roman numerals. I wonder if you could actually set the 15 puzzle's digits to roman?
loyds15/roman.png image
Image link

on February 8th

oh wow, how did you find these assets? through a link of some sort?

Animelove_1105 ♾️
on February 9th

I just went into the website's sources while on the 15 puzzle page. For google chrome, you need to open the Inspect page using Ctrl + Shift + I (For windows/Linux), or right click anywhere on the page and click Inspect.

On the top, you might see a button that says Sources. This is the location of all of the website's files. I was looking through it until I found the image. The path is www.rw-designer.com > loyds15 > roman.png.

Also, as another find, I found this image named circuit.png. It's an image of a circuit board, but from what I see, the 15 puzzle must've had an option to have the final picture to be something like this, making it act like a jigsaw puzzle.
loyds15/circuit.png image

on February 10th

interesting, i wonder if vlasta will respond to this and give conformation on what they were used for/if they will be used

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