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Pocoyo cursors

on April 29th

I really want them animated too, if you can. I want one cursor each for Pocoyo, Nina, Pato and Elly for every role.

  1. Normal seletc is a pointer with the character standing
  2. Help select gets them confused
  3. working in background is a walking animation
  4. busy is the character running (pocoyo and nina run with their arms back and leaning forward. (watch the episode Whole Lotta Trouble to see what I mean).
  5. precision and text are what you expect. If you can, make the cross and i-beam inverted.
  6. handwriting is the character holding the pen.
  7. unavailable is a no-drop symbol on the character
  8. resize cursors are a single color (pocoyo is blue, nina is green, pato is yellow, and elly is magenta)
  9. alt is an up arrow as a solid color
  10. link, location and person select is the character pointing to the upper-left, with their hotspot on their pointing finger.

If you can do the best you can, smooth animations, and smooth edges, make it look nice, I'll gladly take it. I'll pay you by paypal if you need me to. THX!

on May 1st

i will try to make it but it will take a while like 1 week

on May 6th

Can you show me a preview image of the normal select for Pocoyo? and also make every cursor use 32, 48 sizes!

on October 2nd

ngl a pocoyo cursor set seems pretty dope. i'd only use pocoyo and the duck tho

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