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Help, I can't use my profile pic!

Please help
on May 24th

to use a profile picture,you need to convert it to png.
use this! this might help.i always use this in converting.

then,after converting it to png,you need to make it a 150x200 pixels image.
you can make it 150x200 by cropping it.

or make it a 150x200 image by using this website below.

on May 24th

Hope it helped.

on May 25th

Thank you

Hey there! Just want to give you some info about PFPs on here and files too.

  • PFPs on this site are only visible to you, and not others. For a PFP to be public on the site, the image needs to be accepted by a site administrator, and has to follow the photo guidelines. They are found in the Profile Guidelines. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find them.
  • Be careful on what the file's link looks like. You pretty much revealed your school district. Also the image link doesn't work. If you want to share the image, create a link using OneDrive. (In file Explorer: Right click on file>Share>Edit file permissions if needed>Copy Link)
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What about ICL files?
I wish there were...
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