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How do I add cursor set?????

I can only add standalone cursor
on January 8th 2008

I press "add to online library" but I can't make a set!!!!!!!!!!

on January 8th 2008

Sets can be created online from the [url=cursor-library]main page of the library[/url]. Click a link near the bottom of the page. You need to have cursors added to the library with the same email as your account here.

on August 16th 2009


on June 26th 2012

how do i add cursors to a set that is already uploaded???

on June 27th 2012

Upload the cursors you want to add, go to your set, click on "Modify" ans click on the cursors you want to add or remove. :-)

on July 1st 2012

ok thanx

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