gif2webp.exe - batch-convert GIF animations to WebP

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gif2webp.exe is a simple command line tool for batch conversion of animated GIF images to the WebP format. The executable works on Windows and should be usable on Linux under Wine.

How to use it?

The tool can be used either from command line or from Windows Desktop. In the later case, place the tool on your Desktop and then drag and drop files or folders onto it. The tool will automatically convert all gifs to WebP format and place them in the same folders as the originals.

More information and other tools.


Conversion may be slow, because the tool always uses the highest setting for WebP efficiency (which should result in smallest possible WebP files).

Gif files with invalid animation times will be fixed as follows. If background disposal mode is not specified, frame duration is set to 0.1s, otherwise the frames are merged. Small, but valid frame duration times will be kept unchanged. This may result in your WebP files animating faster than the original gif files in some browsers (because the browsers artificially limit the speed of gifs).

Recent comments

user icon Atreyu registered user on May 14th 2015

:-( it's not working

user icon Vlasta site administrator on May 14th 2015

Why do you think so?

user icon Anonymous on September 27th 2016


user icon Xavier registered user on March 2nd 2017


user icon Anonymous on May 19th 2017

gif2webp not animated.... :-( :-( :-(

user icon Vlasta site administrator on June 14th 2017

Animation should work. If you have problems with specific images, send them to me via email.

user icon Anonymous on August 28th 2017

Быстро работает, жаль не сжимает. Спасибо! :-)

user icon Anonymous on June 15th 2018

it's good

user icon Anonymous on August 12th 2018

works, but only lossless
-q parameter does'nt work

user icon Vlasta site administrator on August 12th 2018

lossy conversion from gif would make little sense

due to nature of gifs, lossy mode is a poor match and could produce larger files than lossless on typical gifs

user icon Anonymous
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