Glass icon in 3D - Tutorial

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Creating a glass icon in 3D

Learn how to create a simple empty glass icon using the 3D functions in RealWorld Icon Editor.

Narration transcript

Making a simple glass icon in 3D.

Create a new 3D object and insert Surface of revolution.

Click on the shape and then right-click on the Degree item and select 1 in the Options context menu. Note that some points have disappeared.

Right-click on Control Polygon and select the Insert knot item. In the dialog window, simply click OK. A new control point has appeared.

Drag the control points with your mouse just like me. Rotate the view by dragging with your right mouse button. The exact position of the points is not that important. Note that only one side the surface is visible. To change that, right-click the Two-sided item and click "Enable".

Now, focus your attention on the Component Material panel. Select the diffuse and specular colors. Then lower the opacity to about 50%.

Save your 3D model to a file called glass.u3d. Then click the "Convert to image" button.

Click on the upper window and adjust light direction. Then check the "Transparent" box and increase image size to 1024x1024 pixels.

Click "Create icon from snapshot" and wait a moment. Click OK, review the generated images and click OK again.

Our simple glass icon is complete, but I will add a projected shadow to the largest image. Select it, switch to the Projected shadow tool and drag up and to the right with your mouse. Apply by pressing Enter.

And that's the end, we just made a glass icon in 3 minutes.

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