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Creating 3D text

Published by Vlasta on November 13th 2005
This is a short tutorial on making simple 3D text in RealWorld Icon Editor. Read more.

Table tennis racket cursor

Published by Vlasta on October 15th 2005
A 3-steps video tutorial showing how to make a 3D model with parameters, setup individual frames, render them, and finally finetune and upload an animated cursor. Read more.

Making speaker icon (3D)

Published by Vlasta on September 27th 2005
This is a detailed step by step tutorial on making a professional icon of a speaker in RealWorld Icon Editor. Read more.

Create icon from image

Published by Vlasta on June 11th 2005
This tutorial describes how to make icons from images in RealWorld Icon Editor and explains how to prepare images to attain best possible results. Read more.
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