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Inside RWPaint splash

Published by Vlasta on October 13th 2011
Learn how the layer styles were used while making the new RealWorld Paint splash. Read more.

Drawing glossy Office icons

Published by absterninja on March 20th 2011
Learn how to use the Rectangle tool with the Linear fill style to make glossy icons for Microsoft Office. Read more.

Making an M&M icon

Published by absterninja on March 20th 2011
Learn how to use the surface of revolution in the 3D editor of RealWorld Icon Editor to create an elliptical M&M candy shape and then use the Text tool to add the m. Read more.

Drawing a metallic ring with glass bubble icon

Published by JDDellGuy on January 17th 2011
Learn, how to use the Ellipse tool and the Linear and Radial gradient fill styles to draw an icon with metallic rings and a glass bubble in it. Read more.

Making a lifebuoy icon

Published by Vlasta on January 14th 2011
Learn to use textures when creating 3D models for icons. Read more.

Exclamation mark 3D model

Published by Vlasta on September 18th 2010
Learn how to make a 3D model for an exclamation mark icon from Surfaces of revolution. Read more.

Making the sky blue

Published by Vlasta on September 12th 2010
Learn how to fix photos that have a white or gray sky instead of blue and how to add clouds. Read more.

Customizing layouts (sliders return)

Published by Vlasta on August 14th 2010
This guide demonstrates how to customize the Unicorn3D layout RealWorld Icon Editor 2010.1 by adding back the sliders from the previous version. Read more.
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