Image from clipboard wizard

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Image from clipboard wizard

The Image from clipboard wizard can be used to create an image from the current content of Windows clipboard. It can be used for:

Transferring image from another editor

  1. Open an image file in another raster image editor.
  2. Use its functions to copy the image or its part to clipboard.
  3. Use the Image from clipboard wizard on the Create page of the RealWorld Designer-based application to create a new image.

Copying image from the Internet

  1. In your web browser, right-click on an image and select Copy image or Copy. The exact wording depends on your browser.
  2. Use the Image from clipboard wizard to create a new image.

This method will not work for images that are part of a page style. Also, transparency is not preserved in all cases. While Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 6 will preserve transparency, the current version of Chrome (15) discards transparency when copying images to clipboard.

Capturing content of a window

  1. Activate the window that you want to capture.
  2. Press and hold the Alt key and press the PrintScreen key. The name of this key may be shortened to for example to PrtScn. It is usually located above the Insert key.
  3. Use the Image from clipboard wizard to create a new image.

Capturing the whole desktop

  1. Press the PrintScreen key.
  2. Use the Image from clipboard wizard to create a new image.

Note: Since version 2009.1, there is also a specialized Capture desktop wizard.

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